Dr. Leahcim Semaj

Looking for an engaging speaker, memorable presentation with powerful use of multimedia? Then book Dr. Semaj. He knew he had a special gift for sharing information when he won the Distinguished Teacher Award from Cornell University in 1980. With a unique ability to impact persons at all levels of education and competence, Dr. Semaj creates a participatory environment that keeps the audience fully engaged.

Dr. Sandra Palmer

Do you need a fresh and dynamic speaker for your next corporate event? Then book Dr. Sandra. With over 20 years of Business and Academic experience in the Caribbean and North America, Dr. Sandra Palmer presents a fresh perspective to your audience on succeeding in these challenging times. Whatever your mission, she brings an exciting call to action message to your audience.


Above or Beyond will design a workshop, seminar or presentation to meet your specific need. You can also select from one of our winning classics, as rated by our delighted clients. Our facilitators will get to the core of an issue, bring out the best in your team and deliver tangible results on the spot. We facilitate your strategic retreats (staff and board), change management interventions, mergers and acquisitions (the human element), redundancies and other special interventions.

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Are you feeling stuck in your Business or Personal life? Want to move up to another level? We offer Quantum Transformation in the following areas: Personal -Career Choice, Redundancy, Life Change, Resume Writing, Executive Interview Preparation, Relationships Business- Business Development, Entrepreneurship, Organisational Development, Human Capital Development and Management.

Personality Profile
You might think you know the difference between extroverts and introverts. You understand that extroverts are talkative and outgoing, while introverts are quiet and private. But that just scrapes the surface of the introvert-extrovert dichotomy.
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Do you have a keen eye for details, results oriented and a team player who works well under pressure? Do you thrive in a fast-paced environment? At Above or Beyond we will fit you with the job that's right for you.