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consulting and training

Consulting and Training Services

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations need to stay agile, innovative, and competitive. That's where our Consulting and Training Services come into play. Our comprehensive suite of Consulting Services offers expert guidance across various aspects of your business.

  • Training & Development
    • Training & Development services are designed to elevate the skills and competencies of your workforce. Through customized training modules and hands-on workshops, we aim to enhance productivity and engagement, thereby contributing to your organization's overall success.
  • Organizational Culture
    • Our Organizational Culture consultancy focuses on creating a cohesive and productive work environment. We assess your current culture, identify areas for improvement, and develop actionable strategies to align your organizational values, behaviors, and practices.
  • Change Management
    • Navigating change is challenging. Our Change Management services provide you with the tools and strategies to manage transitions effectively. We help you prepare your team, develop a structured approach, and implement changes smoothly to minimize disruption and maximize benefits.
  • Leadership Development
    • Leadership Development is a cornerstone of our consultancy, focusing on cultivating leaders who excel in strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, and team management. We offer targeted training and ongoing support to ensure leaders are equipped to meet both current and future challenges.
  • Business Development
    • Our Business Development services aim to accelerate your organization's growth. We offer market analysis, strategy formulation, and execution plans to help you identify new opportunities, enter new markets, and build lasting business relationships.


Each of these services is tailored to meet your unique needs, ensuring that you achieve measurable results and sustainable growth.



Above or Beyond is a trusted boutique Management Consulting firm with offices in Kingston, Jamaica and Florida, USA. With 70 years of combined expertise we work with individuals and organisations to solve problems and deliver outstanding results.

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We have done interesting and far-reaching work in all major industries: Energy, Banking, Education, Gaming, Government, Hospitality, Insurance, Finance, Manufacturing, Mining and Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, Retail and Distribution, Security, Shipping, and Telecommunications.

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